Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Why oh Why?

So as you will remember from Men's Attire and The Look for the Guys, I already had a really strong idea of what I wanted the guys in. Charles and I went to our local S&K Menswear store and spoke with a very helpful guy named Rob and we were able to solidify the look for the guys. I was so excited that we found the light gray suits I had been dreaming about. And that the ties we got for the guys looked awesome with them!

I have BAD news.

On Friday I was out shopping with mom and we were at a store located in the same outlet mall as S&K. As I was pulling out, I glanced over at the S&K store and found a huge yellow and black GOING OUT OF BUSINESS sign! What!? This cannot be happening. I did a double take to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me. Nope, they weren't...they're closing.

At first I wasn't too worried because I assumed there had to be another S&K in Knoxville. I mean if there's one in Sevierville, there HAS TO BE one in Knoxville! I just looked and nope, there sure isn't. The closest S&K Menswear store (after the Sevierville one closes) will be in Chattanooga! C-town is two hours away! Why???????

I have no idea what we're going to do now. I was so thankful to have the guys attire figured out and out of the way. Back when I was researching attire ideas for the guys I seriously found NOTHING else I liked (as far as suits went). I'm at a loss and have no idea what to do. I guess we're back at square one regarding the guys attire for the big day. Don't they realize that people are out here planning weddings and are/were counting on them!? Ugh.

What unexpected things have you had to deal with during your planning?


  1. Can you ask and find out what they are dong with their stock? Maybe you can either buy it cheap or they can help you find some other store that carries the same line? Can't hurt to just ask... Hang in there!!!

  2. Yeah I need to call and find those things out. The tuxes we had in mind were rentals so I'm not sure they'd sell them but it's worth a check. Even if they do though, I'm not sure the FI would be ok with dishing out that money now when the wedding is 11 months away. Plus, he's hoping to lose a little weight before then. I think I've found a solution though...I hope.