Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Recaps Part 3: First Look

Everyone was ready and waiting and I was finally in my dress feeling much better and ready to see my man! I know "First Look's" are popular now a days and also still frowned upon by many. I knew while planning the wedding that my stomach would be in knots so I knew I would need to see Charles before hand, he is such a calming force in my life. And I also knew that because we were spending so much money on our photography that I wanted a "First Look" so we could get in as many pictures as possible. Let me say that if we had not scheduled and planned on our First Look that things would have been a huge mess the day of the wedding. It allowed me more time to begin feeling better and take my time while trying to get ready. Unfortunately it did cut into the time we had for pictures but we still ended up with plenty to remember our day by. So without further delay, our first look!

Trying to remember to breathe!

Finally I get to see my handsome soon to be husband!!

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Recaps Part Two...

The Guys Get Ready!

The cuff links that I gave Charles as a gift the day of the wedding. He loves guns so I knew he would love them. They were a huge hit with the guys!
Playing pool waiting for me to get better so we can get the show on the road!

My man checking out his wedding day duds.
The ties and socks I bought for the guys.
Chess anyone?
Time to get ready!

My mom pinning on his boutonniere.
Love them!
Charles with his God-Daughter Maggie who was our flower girl.

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