Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy One Year Anniversary Baby!

One year already. I simply cannot believe it! It seems like just yesterday when we began talking, first met and started dating. It is unimaginable to me that in just one short year I have found you...the love of my life! And to think, we're engaged and will be getting married in just over 9 months! Before we know it, we'll be married and celebrating our one year marriage anniversary. I cannot imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else by my side. You are incredible and I love you more than I can possibly begin to say. As corny as it may sound, you truly do complete me! Happy anniversary sweetheart, I love you so much!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

How Did I Miss This!?

(Well I know how I missed it.) I just finished feeding my WeddingBee addiction and caught up on everything I've missed since Wednesday when things at work went downhill. (And no, I still have any news about my job but I will keep you all posted.)

Anyhoo, while catching up on my addiction I stumbled upon this lovely post and image:
(Source: WeddingBee)

That image should look familiar to you because that is MY inspiration board! How cool is that!? It was a Featured Bio that graced the front page of my favorite wedding website and I missed it till now! But when it was posted on Wednesday things at work were going to hell in a hand basket. At least I saw it tonight though. Next month I believe I'll finally be able to sent in an application to become a Bee and I cannot wait! :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Job or No Job?

That is the question. And right now I just don't know the answer. Due to some very unexpected circumstances at work we no longer have offices to work out of. (At this time I cannot go into more detail.)

As I sit here at home and type this I'm still in disbelief that this has happened. If I do end up losing my job, I have no idea what I'll do. And I have no idea how I'll pay for this wedding I'm in the middle of planning. I was already going to go into debt a due to wedding costs and if I lose my job that debt is sure to grow.

As a result of all this, I will not be online much. I no longer have access to high speed internet. Where we live - in the sticks - nothing but dial-up internet is offered. And it is just way to much of a pain to even check my e-mail!

On a positive note, I have the most incredible fiance in the entire world! Yesterday evening once the job news finally had a chance to sink in Charles was right there with me. Letting me cry in his arms, kissing me on the forehead, telling me I'm beautiful as black is running down my face from my mascara, comforting me, praying with me, assuring me things will work out, just holding me tight and telling me he loves me. I really don't understand how he can tell me I'm beautiful when I'd been working for hours packing things up and was so gross and sweaty and then once the tears started to flow and I had mascara running down my face. He truly is incredible and I'm so thankful that I get to spend the rest of my life with him.

So anyways, those that pray please keep me and my job situation in your prayers.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Date

No, not the wedding date. We've had that for a while now. The date for our engagement pictures!!! {Finally!} August 4th we will have our e-pics taken! We are sooo excited and cannot wait!
We're going to have our pictures done at the Bed & Breakfast where the wedding and reception will be held. For more pics of the B&B check out this post. The grounds are beautiful and there are lots of places for some awesome pictures. There is a tree swing (can be seen in the linked post listed above), a double porch swing, the gazebo, rocking chairs, a hammock, huge trees, the pond/fountain, gardens, the grand entrance of the house, a great mountain view (can been seen in the post linked above), etc.

Then there's the inside of the house too! I took some pictures of the inside of the house but am not happy with how they look. But suffice it to say that the house is gorgeous and there are lots of picture perfect places. There's a game room with an awesome white leather couch, a pool table, lots of different beds (steamy much?), big whirlpool tubs (again steamy!), a pretty stair case, an indoor pool (contemplating maybe jumping in at the end of the session-if the owner ok's it), a beautiful fireplace and so much more. You'll have to wait till we get our pics back to see!

Oh and I've got a prop too! While at Hobby Lobby a number of weeks ago, I picked up a plaque like this:

I can't find a picture of the exact one I bought, the one I got is black and the font is different. You'll have to wait and see it once we have our pictures. Props are huge right now when it comes to engagement and wedding pictures and I love the concept. I love the look of balloons but wanted to go with something a little more unique and something that I'd never seen before. I got my idea from this picture:

We also have our outfits squared away {as soon as the FI exchanges a shirt!}. We're not matching but we will coordinate. You'll have to wait and see what we wear when I have pics to show you!

Now if only the weather, my hair and my skin will cooperate and give us a good picture day! Time will tell.

Did you or are you going to use a prop at your engagement session?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Well That's Settled!

Thank you to all of you who comment on my post about invitation wording! You were a great help! :)

So to update you all, I decided to stick with the following (which is what I had originally):
on Saturday, the first of May
two thousand and ten
at three o'clock in the afternoon

As for the wedding website address...I nixed it. Not only would it have been impossible to fit on the invitation but it just wouldn't have looked right! As Ready to be Mrs. B! suggested, I'm going to see about fitting it on the accommodations card that will go in with the invitation. I know it isn't necessary but I'm a little concerned. Our save-the-dates will be electronic and not paper so the e-mails could easily get deleted and the information would then be lost.

I was able to include that saying I loved on our invitations. The FI loved it, just as I thought it would! I'm so happy with how the wording, format and look has turned out!

Here's a tiny little sneak peak of the wording. The big reveal won't come until after the invitations have been received by guests so this will have to tide you over until then....

(Source: yours truly)

The above graces the top of our invitations! The font we chose is called "Adine Kirnberg Script" and I downloaded it from

We had the font choices narrowed down to three options; Adine, Brock Script and Edwardian Script. We liked all three but Adine looked the best with our invitations. Brock and Edwardian both looked too "thick" and "heavy". Thankfully the FI picked Adine as his favorite before I told him it was my favorite and what we'd need to go with because of layout and space reasons! :D

Now it's time to play with the reply card layout and mess around with the accommodation/direction insert.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Ok ladies, I need your assistance please! I'm working on the layout for our invitations and I've almost got it figured out...I think.

However I need help with something. Is it ok to put our wedding website link on our invitations? I was originally planning on including it. But because of the shape of our invitations, it's proving to be hard to include it because it's so long. And then I got to thinking that I don't know if I've ever seen them on invitations to begin with!

I'll certainly be putting the website link on our e-mail save-the-dates. Is that enough? So what do you think...include the link on the invites or no?

Also when it comes to the date and time I need opinions on how I should word that part:
1) on Saturday, the first of May
two thousand ten
at three o'clock in the afternoon
2) Saturday, the first of May
two thousand ten
three o'clock in the afternoon

Let me know what you think is best for each question! Thanks! :D

Monday, July 6, 2009

Check out this wedding video!

I found this video over on For the Love of Brides and absolutely love it! It is hilarious and so creative!

Brian & Eileen's Wedding Music Video. from LOCKDOWN projects on Vimeo.

My First Fitting!

I know you are all dying (ok, maybe not dying) to see pics from my fitting on Thursday. I can't post them here because the Mr. sometimes stops by. However, I am a Wedding Chicks Bridal Blogger over on Wedding Chicks and have just put up a post with the fitting details and pictures!

Be sure to head on over to the website and check out my post. You can leave comments there (you don't have to have an account) or you can come back here and leave your comments. Either way, I would absolutely love to hear what you think!

If you have trouble finding my post on Wedding Chicks, shoot me an e-mail and I can send you the direct link. Sorry I can't post a direct link here but I'm afraid the Mr. would find it!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


If you haven't ever checked out Jenn at "With This Ring..." you really should. She got married a few weeks ago and has recently started her recaps. Check out this incredible shot from her big day.


Is that not the most GORGEOUS dress shot ever!?! And that!

New Look!

So as you noticed, I changed the blog up a little. I was getting tired of the old background and banner image. I've also added a few new things here and there so be sure to look around. Do you like this look better than the other?

And for an update on this post, I'm going to go have my first fitting after work today!