Sunday, July 19, 2009

How Did I Miss This!?

(Well I know how I missed it.) I just finished feeding my WeddingBee addiction and caught up on everything I've missed since Wednesday when things at work went downhill. (And no, I still have any news about my job but I will keep you all posted.)

Anyhoo, while catching up on my addiction I stumbled upon this lovely post and image:
(Source: WeddingBee)

That image should look familiar to you because that is MY inspiration board! How cool is that!? It was a Featured Bio that graced the front page of my favorite wedding website and I missed it till now! But when it was posted on Wednesday things at work were going to hell in a hand basket. At least I saw it tonight though. Next month I believe I'll finally be able to sent in an application to become a Bee and I cannot wait! :)