Thursday, July 16, 2009

Job or No Job?

That is the question. And right now I just don't know the answer. Due to some very unexpected circumstances at work we no longer have offices to work out of. (At this time I cannot go into more detail.)

As I sit here at home and type this I'm still in disbelief that this has happened. If I do end up losing my job, I have no idea what I'll do. And I have no idea how I'll pay for this wedding I'm in the middle of planning. I was already going to go into debt a due to wedding costs and if I lose my job that debt is sure to grow.

As a result of all this, I will not be online much. I no longer have access to high speed internet. Where we live - in the sticks - nothing but dial-up internet is offered. And it is just way to much of a pain to even check my e-mail!

On a positive note, I have the most incredible fiance in the entire world! Yesterday evening once the job news finally had a chance to sink in Charles was right there with me. Letting me cry in his arms, kissing me on the forehead, telling me I'm beautiful as black is running down my face from my mascara, comforting me, praying with me, assuring me things will work out, just holding me tight and telling me he loves me. I really don't understand how he can tell me I'm beautiful when I'd been working for hours packing things up and was so gross and sweaty and then once the tears started to flow and I had mascara running down my face. He truly is incredible and I'm so thankful that I get to spend the rest of my life with him.

So anyways, those that pray please keep me and my job situation in your prayers.


  1. Oh gosh that is rubbish. I really hope things work out. Do keep us up to date. Axxx

  2. I am praying for you my friend!!!!!!!!!! God's plans are to prosper us regardless of the ways!!