Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our Fall Decorations

I'm itching BAD to put up Christmas decorations already and will probably end up putting them up before Thanksgiving. But before that happens I thought I'd share my fall decorations with you. I don't have much but it's a start. Now Christmas is a different story...I have TONS of Christmas decorations!

Our fall display as seen from the road.
Our fall display as seen from leaving the house.
Our other fall display! We got all of the things for our displays for FREE!!
Found this cute little guy at the dollar store for like 6 bucks!
These little cuties were a gift from my mom after Charles and I babysat the animals and mom's house while she was on vacation. They are from Bath & Body Works and they are candles!
Grabbed this pretty garland from Big Lots for $6!
Had to decorate the stove too!
Some of my fall stained glass sun catchers in the kitchen window!
These fun little guys were on clearance for $3 each!! I love them!
The hand made pottery jack-o-lanterns Charles bought me!
My ceramic pumpkins. Found these at Walgreens several years ago for a steal. The little ones were $1 each and the big one was maybe $5 or $6!
Found this funky thing at a cool shop in Downtown Asheville, NC. The music box in the lid was broken but I replaced it and it works now. I have no idea what it originally supposed to be but I love it as a candle holder!
And the best part was that it was only like $10!
Found this guy at Walgreens also for $3!
Full view of the coffee table.
All of these gourds and little pumpkins were FREE as well! The little Harvest sign was $4 at Walgreens.
Love this little pumpkin!

Well, that's about it! I can't wait to start decorating our house for our first Christmas together!!!