Monday, July 6, 2009

My First Fitting!

I know you are all dying (ok, maybe not dying) to see pics from my fitting on Thursday. I can't post them here because the Mr. sometimes stops by. However, I am a Wedding Chicks Bridal Blogger over on Wedding Chicks and have just put up a post with the fitting details and pictures!

Be sure to head on over to the website and check out my post. You can leave comments there (you don't have to have an account) or you can come back here and leave your comments. Either way, I would absolutely love to hear what you think!

If you have trouble finding my post on Wedding Chicks, shoot me an e-mail and I can send you the direct link. Sorry I can't post a direct link here but I'm afraid the Mr. would find it!


  1. Elizabeth ~ From way back on MySpaceJuly 6, 2009 at 8:15 PM

    Oh my gosh Kristal!!! You are STUNNING!!!
    You look absolutely beautiful and radiant in that first picture. I love the dress! It’s so flattering!
    You are truly blessed!
    I can't wait to see pictures of you on the actual day! :D


  2. I agree with Elizabeth. Stunning was the first word that came to mind when I looked at the pictures. I'm glad to see you got something that shows off your gorgeous shape too! The dress fits you amazingly. Sweetly demure but very womanly. Excellent choice, hon. You're going to be so beautiful on your big day that the Mr. (as you call him) will hardly be able to say anything but "I do!"