Thursday, July 9, 2009

Well That's Settled!

Thank you to all of you who comment on my post about invitation wording! You were a great help! :)

So to update you all, I decided to stick with the following (which is what I had originally):
on Saturday, the first of May
two thousand and ten
at three o'clock in the afternoon

As for the wedding website address...I nixed it. Not only would it have been impossible to fit on the invitation but it just wouldn't have looked right! As Ready to be Mrs. B! suggested, I'm going to see about fitting it on the accommodations card that will go in with the invitation. I know it isn't necessary but I'm a little concerned. Our save-the-dates will be electronic and not paper so the e-mails could easily get deleted and the information would then be lost.

I was able to include that saying I loved on our invitations. The FI loved it, just as I thought it would! I'm so happy with how the wording, format and look has turned out!

Here's a tiny little sneak peak of the wording. The big reveal won't come until after the invitations have been received by guests so this will have to tide you over until then....

(Source: yours truly)

The above graces the top of our invitations! The font we chose is called "Adine Kirnberg Script" and I downloaded it from

We had the font choices narrowed down to three options; Adine, Brock Script and Edwardian Script. We liked all three but Adine looked the best with our invitations. Brock and Edwardian both looked too "thick" and "heavy". Thankfully the FI picked Adine as his favorite before I told him it was my favorite and what we'd need to go with because of layout and space reasons! :D

Now it's time to play with the reply card layout and mess around with the accommodation/direction insert.


  1. I love your font! Looks fantastic

  2. hooray for making a decision! i have a hard time with that :) i love the saying on your invites! very sweet!

    thanks for the link to my blog! yay!

    to answer your question you posted on my blog, my wedding is september 19! two months to go. and, i have a lot of "small details", I am just not obsession about them as much as I was in the beginning. I would over-analyze it over and over, and then get stressed. So, while I'm still doing those details (it would stress me out not to), I am not giving them as much over-analyzing time as usual :)

    Way to go on having most of the details done! I was afraid to make too many decisons too far out, as I like to change my mind. hehe

  3. Email is definitely a good idea for the save the dates ... yours are cute, too! I love love love designing things myself ... Great quote for the invites. Can't wait to see them!