Wednesday, May 6, 2009

You're Invited

To see what my wedding invitations look like!

Along with the bubbles I talked about in Where To Start, I found my invitations at Michael's back in March when I was on vacation. When I saw them I couldn't believe my eyes. They were on sale for $29.99 (regularly $39.99) for a box of 40. Which includes printable invites and response cards, invitation backers, ribbon, rhinestone buckles, adhesive tabs and envelopes for the invitations and response cards. I couldn't believe it, they were perefect. The only thing that I wasn't too crazy about was the ribbon color. It was silver and while beautiful and one of my colors, I just had to have purple somewhere on my invitations. But with a little DIY project I could easily change the ribbon. I quickly snatched up all the boxes they had and began my search for the perfect ribbon. Thankfully that didn't take long. I found the perfect width and the perfect color of purple!

Here's what the sample invitation looks like that comes assembled in the box:
(Source: yours truly)
The invitation is stunning just the way it comes in the box but I wanted to add my pop of purple to it because it's my main color. Do you think they're amazing the way they come?

Here's what the sample looks like with the purple ribbon in place of the silver ribbon:
(Source: yours truly)
And a few detail/closeup shots:
(Source: yours truly) (Source: yours truly)

I love them to pieces. They are so elegant and beautiful! And they reflect my colors and theme so well!

Once again I took advantage of being on vacation and not having a schedule to stick to and I cut all the purple ribbon to the proper lengths for all of the 250 invitations. So that's another DIY project I was able to get done before even getting engaged. I can't assemble the invitations for a while though because the top sheet has to be printed before assembly can begin. But at least I have one less thing to worry about come time to assemble them.

The response cards are two to a sheet and this is what the sample looks like:

I sent one to myself in the mail to see if one stamp would be enough postage and to see how they did going through the mail. It came back to me in pretty good condition and it was enough postage! I've already bought 500 forever stamps so that I could save some $$ on them before they go up in price yet again. Plus, they could go up more than once before I'm ready to send them out. I'm not picky about what kind of stamp goes on the invitations and response cards because it's not the stamp that matters, it's the invitation that's inside. However since then I decided I needed to go ahead and invest in second envelopes for them so they had a little more padding and protection. Hopefully doing so will not make them more expensive to send. I'm also going to see if they will still hand cancel mail.

So what do you think about the invitations?

Have you bought stamps for your invitations and/or response cards before the price on postage goes up?

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