Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Look for the Guys

Yesterday evening the Mr. and I went on over to our local S& K Menswear store to solidify my vision for the guys. The gentleman working when we went in was so helpful! As I mentioned in Men's Attire, I had no idea what kind or color shirt the guys should wear. I already knew what suit I wanted them in and have already bought the ties they'll wear. Rob (the guy at S&K) was very honest with me about what color shirt would look best with the suit and tie I had picked out. He didn't tell me to pick whatever I wanted because it's my wedding, he told me truthfully what he thought would be best and I was very thankful for that!

He even went so far as to partly undress two mannequins so we could really visualize the look we were going for. He put one of our ties on a mannequin that had on a black shirt and then placed the gray suit coat over it. And let me tell you, it looked SHARP and different/unique too! (Silly me forgot to take the camera so I could really show you what it looked like. sadness.) Anyways, here is what the suit and black shirt will look like together.

Now picture that paired with the ties I bought for the guys.
(Source: yours truly)
I know you have to use your imagination a little to be able to visualize but what do you think?

We decided against a vest (even just for the Mr.) because it was going to add another color and texture and I was afraid it would look too busy. Plus, I think he'll be more comfortable without one.

The Mr. was a little surprised at the price tag for the tux rental but it doesn't seem bad to me. Yeah it is a little more than it would have been because the shirts I want are considered an upgrade and you have to pay an extra $10 for them. And the shoes I picked out are also a $10 upgrade. But again, the total which comes to about $200 (including tax) doesn't sound unreasonable to me.

In your opinion, is $200 too much for a tux rental that includes the suit, shirt and shoes? (It also includes a vest and tie but we won't be using those.)

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