Monday, May 4, 2009

Men's Attire

I am not afraid to admit that I know nothing when it comes to menswear. And believe me, I mean NOTHING. So, on Tuesday me and my Mr. are heading to our local S&K Menswear store to see what they have and get some pointers on finishing the look I'm going for.

Ok, the look I'm going for with the guys is a medium grey suit. I like this look from After Six:
This suit is called Catalina and is a 31.5" 2 button single breasted self notch coat with a self top collar, flap pockets and no vent. Matching pants (as shown) are available. The fabric is a 55/45 polywool blend. I also like the look of the grey vest (as shown) with it but would only have my man in the vest and not the other guys.

I also like these looks I put together using the S&K Menswear Build-A-Tux feature. Please ignore the ties that are shown because it doesn't give you the option not to choose a tie and I've already bought the ties for the guys (more on them later in this post). Also remember I'm clueless about menswear so I have no idea what kind or color of shirt I'm looking for.
This would be the general look for the guys except with the ties I purchased. And again, I'm going to have to get pointers from the S&K Menswear staff about what kind and color shirt to have the guys wear. (Source)
This would be the general look for my Mr. Except the vest color would match the suit and he would be wearing the tie I bought him. And yet again remember what I said about the shirt. (Source)
Here I played around with a black shirt since I have no idea what to pair the suit and tie with. (Source)

And without further delay, the ties I found at Kohls for $16.80 each regularly $28.00 each. I wasn't on the search for ties at Kohls when I found them. However, I fell in love with them once I saw them. They are perfect and just what I had been scouring websites trying to find (with no luck I might add). The ties feature both of our wedding colors, purple and silver. I am so glad I went ahead and bought them even though I got puzzling looks from the Mr.!
These are the ties for the best man, groomsman and my brother.Close up of the wedding party ties. Aren't they pretty? :)
And this is the tie I found for my Mr. I wanted his to be a little different so he would stand out from the other guys. This tie was perfect because it has the same colors as the other ties and the same pattern but it's still different.
Close up of the Mr.'s tie.And this picture shows all the ties and the differences between the two styles. I absolutely love them! (Tie Pictures Source: yours truly)

On to the socks. I haven't bought these as of yet. I found them online at Banana Republic and really like them. I totally stole these socks from JessicaLynn over at Tying the Knot. I had been on the hunt for purple argyle socks and was having no luck at all and then I stumbled on her blog and found the socks I'd been looking for. Me and the Mr. are going to a local Banana Republic Outlet store on Tuesday to see if we can find the socks there so we won't have to pay shipping. And hopefully we'll find them there cheaper too!

Why I care so much about what kind of socks my guys wear:
I love sock shots like that one! I know, I know, I'm crazy. :P
And now for the shoes. I'm not too picky here. They just need to be nice looking, shiny, black and comfy for the guys. Something along the lines of this shoe:


Are you clueless about how to dress your guys? What look are you going for with the groom and groomsmen?

Up next: the stationery.


  1. Hey girl. Let me know if you can't find these socks at "the local outlet mall" I go to a mall farther out fairly often and they have a Banana there. I'll do some recon for you. Glad you are so excited for your big day, praying that I can be there.

  2. They don't have them at the Tanger store. So, if you can check that would be awesome! When do you think you'll be at the other mall again? Oh believe me, I'm praying for that too!