Monday, May 18, 2009

Get With The Program!

In addition to getting my bubbles and invitations at Michael's while I was on vacation back in early March, I also scored our ceremony programs! As I did with our invitations, I changed the color of ribbon used on the programs so it coordinates with our colors. And just like I did with the new ribbon for the invitations, I got it all cut to length while I was on vacation. A number of weeks ago, I decided I would go ahead and tie it around the programs so that's done too. When it's time to print the cover of the programs, I can just slide the ribbon off, print and then slide it back on. Here's what the sample program looks like with the purple ribbon I added (it was originally white).
(Source: yours truly)

I didn't get a picture of the inside of the program because until I design and print them, there's nothing to see. However, the kits from Michael's came with inserts for the inside of the programs and I plan on using them because I think it gives the programs a nicer more elegant touch.

The cost you ask? I'll have to check my receipts when I get home but I believe the original price on them was $15.99-20.99 (I can't remember but it was somewhere around there). They were on clearance for around $11.99 I think but they rang up at $9.99 per box of 40! And the ribbon I bought was on sale for $0.33 a spool! Unfortunately I didn't keep up with how many spools I used so I can't do a price breakdown including the new ribbon but I still think it was a steal and I love how they look!

I know the programs don't match our invitations but because of the price I couldn't pass them up and I was still able to incorporate our main color; purple.

Did you opt for a program design that doesn't perfectly coordinate with your invitations and other stationery?

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