Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Accessories for Little Ol' Me!

If you've been following my blog for a while now or have stalked the archives then I'm sure you've seen posts about my accessories for the big day. I blogged about the brooch for my bouquet, my earrings, my headpiece, and my clutch. I've made some changes to my accessories though.

There is only one wedding related purchase that I've regretted (thus far). I've been having major doubts about the earrings I purchased when I ordered my dress and veil. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love them but I don't think they're right for my dress. My dress is covered in very delicate lace and also has some beading and embroidery as well.* I had begun feeling like the earrings I purchased would look to "heavy" and "chunky" compared to the style of my dress. Not only that, but all my other accessories have rhinestone detail. While the earrings are crystal (and rhinestones are crystal too), I was still worried about this. See said earrings below:
(Source: yours truly)

While Charles were out shopping over the weekend I found some earrings I absolutely love! I think they will be absolutely perfect with my dress and other accessories! Just like the bracelets for the flower girls, I found the earrings at JcPenny's for 50% off! They were originally $22.00. They are Austrian Crystal Rhinestone earrings, here they are:
(Source: yours truly-click to enlarge)
The rhinestones look black because they are so clear that they picked up the black from my camera.

I also saw a stunning bracelet that I instantly fell in love with. I'd been contemplating a bracelet for a while since I won't be wearing a necklace and when I saw it, I knew I had to have it. Charles saw me holding it and said something like "That would look so good on you!". So of course I bought it. The original price on it was also $22.00 and it was also 50% off. It is also made of Austrian Crystal Rhinestones, here it is:
(Source: yours truly-click to enlarge)
Again, the rhinestones look black because they are so clear that they picked up the black from my camera.

So now here are all of my accessories and what they look like together:
(all images source: yours truly-made using mosaic maker)

So what do you think, do the new earrings and the bracelet look better with everything else? I'm completely loving the look of everything together!

*I know you haven't been able to see pics of my dress and once it comes in (hopefully in the next few weeks) and I'm able to go try it on and get pictures I promise to somehow make it so you (but not the FI) can see them!

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