Thursday, June 4, 2009

Will You Be My ________? DIY Cards

Today I thought I'd share a DIY project with you. Unfortunately, when I made these cards, I wasn't thinking that I'd one day be blogging about them so I don't have pictures to walk you through the steps. However, I got my idea from Jenn over at With This Ring.... For the how-to go check out her post on DIY Jewelry Cards.

I loved Jenn's concept of the DIY Jewelry Cards and I knew I wanted to make some cards of my own...just not for jewelry (at least not to start with, more on that another time though). I wanted to make my MOH and my BM cards officially asking them to be in the wedding. Now my girls already knew that they would have the affore mentioned titles come the wedding before I was even engaged. But I still wanted to officially ask them. Plus I love all things DIY and crafty so it was a perfect excuse to make some beautiful cards for my girls!

I'll show you the pictures I took of my finished cards first and then tell you how I changed Jenn's original design to meet my needs and make them unique.

(Source: yours truly - click to enlarge)

First up is the card I made for Lindsey, my MOH. Secondly, is the card for Bridesmaid Javiera. Unlike most brides out there, I made these cards in colors that each girl likes. All the gifts I have for L&J are gifts in their favorite colors. The only gift for them that's in the wedding colors is the jewelry I'm gifting them (more on it another time). I wanted to make sure that the gifts I give them will be enjoyed and well used. And since neither of them have a deep passion for purple like I do, I chose to go with colors I know they like. The gifts are for them and therefore, they should fit each girl and her personality...not mine or the weddings. lol

Anyways, on to the changes I made from Jenn's original idea.
1) I chose to make the cards square.
2) I used the Scallop blade on my Fiskars Desktop Rotary Trimmer to give the edges of the cards a really unique look. (I found the trimmer at Tuesday Morning for $19.99 and then saw it at Michael's for over $50!)
3) I also used the scallop blade to cut the slit for the ribbon to go through the card, I really like the look that created.
4) I obviously did not make the slit for a necklace or holes for earrings.
5) I added a piece of the ribbon to the right flap of the card because to me it just didn't look right without it there.
6) Instead of using alphabet stickers for the girls initals, I found $1.00 inital stamps at Michael's and stamped their inital on the top right corner on the cover for the cards.

That's it! Pretty darn simple if I do say so myself. Even if you aren't too crafty or arty I think you could easily master this DIY project!

I do have one recommendation for you though. The decorative paper I chose for BM J's card was a little heavier than the paper for MB L's card and because of this, once it was glued onto the stock paper and I folded the card it caused the decorative paper to crack. I ended up have to go back and put ribbon over the folded edges of BM J's card to cover this up. So when you pick out your paper, opt for thinner options if possible!

Are you going to create a DIY Jewelry Card holder like Jenn created or are you going to change the design and keep it a true card design?


  1. great idea! i'm planning to give my girls their bling for the wedding (okay, not bling, just a pearl necklace/earrings), so this would be the perfect packaging! love it!