Friday, June 19, 2009

All About The Little Girls

Our Flower Girls that is! I shared pictures of them here when I "introduced" them to you. But now it's time to share more about our little girls and their details.

First up, their attire. Obviously it is wayyy too early to order anything for them now. But I have found some dress that I am absolutely in love with. It was a bit hard finding dresses I like since our girls are on the younger side but I did manage to find some!

Even though my dress is ivory, I have decided to dress them in white. My criteria for their dresses: 1) not too formal, 2) no dresses that will make them look older than they are, 3) affordable - must be under $100 and 4) they need to be white.

Anyways, here's what I finally found....
I love this dress! It's so cute and it even has a little bling on it!
Price $79.99.
This dress is very similar to the one above and I love it as well. It too has a rhinestone brooch on it to provide a little bling. The neck line is the big difference between this dress and the one above.
Price: $89.99
I also really love this dress. The lace on the hemline is beautiful!
Price: $49.99
This dress is only available in off white but it could work I think. I love the cutout detail along the bottom of the skirt. However this dress is silk and more on the formal side compared to what I'm wanting.
Price: $79.99

I've searched high and low for dress I like that fit my criteria and this is all I could find! I'm really leaning towards dress #2 or #3 right now. Which dress do you like best for our outdoor spring wedding?

On to their accessories! Instead of a flower basket or anything of the sort, I've opted to have the girls carry lace parasols. I found them at Michael's for $9.99 each. But of course, I couldn't leave them the way they were so a few additions were made.
(Source: yours truly)

(Source: yours truly)

They will also have a headpiece/wreath with white and purple flowers and purple ribbon streamers to wear but we aren't finished making them. I'll have to share those with you when they are complete.

On to their gifts. I found these adorable little Red Velvet Lined Beaded Antique Heart Shaped Jewelry/Keepsake boxes at Exclusively Weddings when I ordered my toasting flutes and serving set. They were on sale for $9.99 each (originally $14.99 or more, can't remember). I paid the $5 (each) engraving fee so I could get the girls names on the boxes. They are so beautiful and I love them to pieces! These are something the girls will be able to use and treasure for years and years. I'm hoping to either make or purchase bracelets or necklaces for the girls and will put them in the boxes.
Eden's box:
(Source: yours truly)

Maggie's box:
(Source: yours truly)

Not bad for $29.98 huh? And I had a $25 off coupon so I basically got these beauties for $4.98!

What are your plans regarding the details for your flower girls?

Up next: Two Rings and a Little Bling


  1. I like flowergirls dress no 4 and btw the parasols are very pretty with the bows

  2. Gawd. I need help in the flower girl department. These are cute. I really like some of the dresses at J.Crew, but my aunt (who is involved) has dismissed them. Sigh.