Monday, June 8, 2009

I Won!

Remember last week when I posted about the Giveaway over at Mismikado's Journey? Well, Friday evening Sebrina e-mailed and let me know that I won!! Woo hoo!! So....early next year I will be ordering this beauty from April Hiler!


Of course I won't be ordering a "B" but instead a "P" for my new last name! I love this item and already know the perfect place for it at the venue!

(Source: yours truly)

I'll attach some purple ribbon to our "P" and hang it on one of the tress pictured above that the guests will walk through to get to their seats. The bird feeders that are currently in the trees will be taken down come the wedding and the spotlights at the base of the trees will be hidden most likely by live potted ferns. The swing however will be used the day of. The seat will be covered in deep purple velvet and the ropes will be covered in tulle. I cannot wait to get pictures of me and of the flower girls swinging away! However, during the ceremony we'll have to find a way to hook it up onto the tree so the little ones don't make their way back to it. :D