Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Road Block...err Detour

So I've come across my first road block when it comes to wedding planning. But I think I'd rather call it a detour instead.

A few weeks ago my boss informed me that the company would no longer be paying for my health insurance. They had been paying it 100% to the tune of $303.00 a month. I was so thankful that they were covering it for me. Because they had been covering that cost I was able to save about $400.00 a month for wedding costs. I was so thrilled that I would be able to cover the entire cost of the wedding without going into debt! I figured that if I saved $400 every month for 14 months that I would have $6,000.00 come the wedding. Well, obviously I wouldn't have it but I would have been able to keep that money available for when I needed to purchase something.

Anyways, now because my company is no longer covering ANY percentage of my insurance I'm unable to save $$. And to top it all off, they had to get a new policy and it's more expensive than what they were paying. I'm dishing out just under $350 a month for health insurance now. I was sooo frustrated, upset and angry when I initially found out. I've now simmered down about it. lol I know the Lord is going to work it all out and provide what I need. And if I have to put stuff on credit I guess it isn't the end of the world....right?

I've still got to draw up a new personal budget so I can see if I'm able to save at least a small amount each month. Because lets face it, a little is better than nothing at all! That way if I have to take the credit route I can make the minimum payments with no problem. So we'll see what ends up happening.

What road blocks/detours/snags have you come across in your wedding planning?

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