Thursday, April 30, 2009

In Favor of Favors....Not So Much

Who ever said you had to give your guests a favor? I don't think anyone ever did. In my opinion, I think the whole idea of "favors" was thought up by someone in the wedding industry with the hopes of making even more money off your "special day". Once again, in my opinion, allowing your guests to be part of the most special day of your life is enough of a gift. Why on earth do they need some cheap trinket only to leave it all together or throw it away later on? Why spend the money on an edible favor when it just gets eaten!? You're already feeding your guests a meal (at least of some sorts) and cake. I don't think anything else is needed.

I've been to weddings with and without favors. The weddings that had favors were edible favors. A nice touch but who really needs the added sugar, calories and fat? And unless you go with something really pricey, like handmade candies or cookies, to me edible favors say this "I was too cheap to get anything else and didn't want to put any thought into what I should give as favors." If you wouldn't have a use for the favor or wouldn't want the favor in your home what on earth makes you think your guests would?? Now, the weddings I've been to that didn't have favors...I never even noticed there weren't favors! So why oh why would you spend all that extra money?? Please see exhibits A and B:
Bad Favors (Source)
Good Favors (Source)

Are favors a nice touch? Absolutely. When a lot of thought is put into them and they are something that is useful and practical and you have the budget for them go for it!

However, on my shoe string budget I don't have the extra cash to be able to do favors. When you're talking about inviting 250 guests even a favor at a buck a piece is too much. Had I been able to splurge and do favors I would have. Want to know what I was thinking of giving? Personalized pens that were in our wedding colors with a message from us thanking our guests for celebrating with us. Yeah you read right, pens. Everyone always needs another pen. I know in my house when I need one I can't find one. Pens are so incredibly practical and I knew they would without a doubt be put to use! And if you do your research you can find them for less than $0.75 a piece! What a steal right? As much as I'd like to be able to carry out that idea there are lots of other things that money can go towards.

Oh and let me quickly address the issue of bubbles being considered favors. In my opinion, they are not favors. I will have bubbles for my guests to use while we "get away" (more on them later) but I do not consider them a favor. I bought them because that's what I wanted when it was time to leave for the honeymoon. And what use would my guests have for bubbles as "favors"? None. Unless they have little children, then they can be used for entertainment purposes. lol

So to sum all this up, I will not be having favors for my guests. I will have bubbles but they are not favors. :)

What's your take on favors? What about the always asked question about bubbles being the favor?

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  1. I was able to win my favors through giveaways so I didn't have to pay for them.