Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Wedding Date, Photographer and Location!

The big details are DONE! Already...woo hoo!!!

We will be getting married on Saturday May 1st, 2010!

Our photographers will be the the incredible Hope team. A husband and wife who do the MOST AMAZING wedding photography I've ever seen. While we haven't met yet, picked an investment (package), or signed papers, they have us penciled in and we will be getting together to meet within the next few weeks. They just opened a new Gallery in Knoxville and are still waiting for a few of their new albums to come in. Once they're in, we'll set up an appointment! I cannot wait to meet them! I already love them even though I only know them through their blog, website and emails and I know that love will grow once we've officially met in person! Please be sure to check them out at and Here are just a few of the millions of reasons why I cannot wait for them to be our photographers!

We will be getting married at Gremmy's Garden Bed & Breakfast. This gorgeous place is located just down the road from where I live. My mom used to work for Emily (better known as Gremmy) for several years while the B&B was in operation. I also helped every now and then and consider the Herrod's to be a huge blessing to our lives. While the B&B is currently closed to the public Emily has agreed to let me have our wedding and reception there! I am soooo thrilled and cannot wait to talk to her further about the details. I have my eye on the Rose Room to use as the Bridal Suite. It's always been my favorite room. It's just beautiful and it gets terrific natural light all day long! Their house and the property it sits on is stunning! Be sure to stop by her website and take a look at the pictures!

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