Monday, April 20, 2009

How We Met

(Source: yours truly)

So now that you know about the proposal and how I got my ring it's only fitting to share the details of how we met....

Myspace. Yes, it's true...we met because of myspace and the Lord of course! He does work in very mysterious ways you know. :)

My first contact with him was on July 9th, 2008. I received a message that said:
" You have no clue who i am, and i have no clue who u are. I just want to tell you i'm astounded that you acknowledge Jesus on your profile. I don't even know you and it is comforting.
btw my name's charles"

I didn't respond. I had previously gotten messages along those same lines and when I would reply with a thank you I would then be sent a message saying something to the effect of "wanna hang out?", "wanna hookup?", "wanna meet me at ____?". So I decided not to reply because of that. The next morning when I got to work and got on myspace I was greeted with another message from him. For some reason I opened the message (I normally would have just deleted it because it was from some random guy I didn't know). But I opened it and this is what it said:
"hey ur friends with Lindsey? I think the world of her.
i just happened to notice her on ur profile"

Now to most people that wouldn't be significant at all. However to me it was. Lindsey is my best friend and has been for about ten years now. At the time she was my number 1 on my friends list. What made what he said significant? Lindsey's profile is private and her profile name wasn't her real name. So he HAD to know her in real life to know who she was. I decided to go take a look at his page and realized that he was listed as being right here in ______, TN. I then began looking at his pictures. He had some pictures from his house that I recognized but I couldn't figure out why. I later put two and two together and realized the pics looked familiar because I pass his house everyday on my way to and from work! lol What are the chances of that!? I couldn't believe it. We also had several mutual friends.

So from there we began messaging back and forth about anything and everything. Then myspace messaging turned into text messaging and then into long phone calls. I couldn't believe how much we had in common, how similar our morals were, how our religious beliefs were the same, etc. Eventually we both decided it was time to meet in person to see if we would get along as well as we had been on the phone.

The first time we went out was on July 26th. I met him at his house since it was centrally located to mine and to town. Then we went to dinner at Olive Garden, went bowling at the community center and then headed to Gatlinburg to walk around a bit and made our way to the new Wax Museum. It was an awesome night and I had a blast. After that night I had this feeling I couldn't shake that I would someday marry him. However, I kept that to myself. I wanted to make absolutely sure that it wasn't just my wanting to get married but was coming from the Lord before I shared it with anyone. Not to mention the fact that we had only been on one date so far! lol

August 5th was our second date and the first time we held hands. It was an amazing night. And then after we parted ways and we were texting we decided that we would now consider ourselves to be in a relationship. The next day we had our first kiss in his driveway. And the rest you could say is history. :)

Did you meet your love through myspace?

Up next...our wedding date, photographer and location!


  1. aww this is sweet..and really has incouraged me today.Sometime God can work in ways that only he can what a MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE!

  2. this is such a sweet story i met my fiance on faceparty it was good to be able to read what his friends had said about him and his pictures