Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pop of Purple

Oh how I wish I was a shoe girl. But sadly my feet just will not allow it. I have flat, skinny, long (size 9.5 to 10) and narrow feet and it is terrible to find shoes that are comfortable for me! On top of all that I have my grandmother's bad and problem ridden feet. I am constantly lusting over shoes that I wish I could wear. However I'd never be able to stand in them much less walk in them.

I started my shoe idea gathering/hunting early because I knew it would be especially hard for me to find shoes for the wedding. I really wanted to find some purple low (kitten) heels! I searched high and low with no luck. I found plenty of purple heels however they were what I like to call....."stripper heels". You know the ones I'm talking about, they have a heel that's 4" or taller and look something like these:
My days long search of the internet left me with no options for purple heels with a low/kitten heel. I was so sad and had finally come to terms with the fact that I was going to have to settle for the traditional ivory shoes (my dress is ivory). Or go for a dyeable pair and take my chances with that. Do I risk paying $$$ for a pair of shoes and then more $$$ to have them dyed? What if the color isn't right? Then I'm stuck with a pair of shoes I can't even wear and out all that money!

I gave up on my quest for low/kitten purple heels. Then while browsing a blog on (and forgive me that I don't remember whose it was) I came across a post about another soon to be brides search for purple heels. She had some stunning ideas but none that I would be able to pull off. While reading the comments on that post I came across a comment from yet another soon to be bride who had found her perfect purple heels. The picture had me speechless! The heels looked just like what I had been looking for! I quickly went to her blog and asked her where she found them. She got back to me soon after and informed me they were from Nordstrom and sent me a link!

Could it be? Could these maybe be the heels I'd been searching for!? Ohmygosh....YES! Well as close as I was ever going to get! So without keeping you hanging any longer, here they are (or one is anyways):

Sexy no? The heel is taller than I originally wanted at 2.5" but I am DETERMINED to make them work because I love them! They aren't heavy looking, they're the right color purple, they have crystals on them, etc. I sure as heck hope they work and look ok with my dress now that I've spent over 90 bucks on them (including shipping). My dress won't be in until late June/early July so I still won't know for a while. But I had to go ahead and order them. I mean what if I waited till closer to when my dress will be in and then they weren't available. Then I'd be back at square one and kicking myself in the rear at the same time.

Are you going for a pop of color under your dress or sticking with the traditional white or ivory shoes?


  1. Those are awesome! I love the ruffle detail on the front. :)

  2. They're great! Even if it turns out that you can't wear them with your dress, they look like a good pair of shoes for any collection. I LOVE slingbacks!