Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Dress

For those who couldn't check out my blog while it was still private I feel I should let you in on some of the details of my dress. I will not however be posting any pictures of it or of me in it on this blog. I know without a doubt that my Mr. would look and I can't go and have him see me in my dress now can I!

Years ago (way before I met my Mr.) I somehow discover Maggie Sottero and her incredible wedding dress designs. I loved so many of her dresses. The attention to detail was just incredible. So from that moment on, I knew I wanted a Maggie dress.

And a Maggie dress I got! I was soo excited! I had a very good idea of what I wanted in a dress and let me tell you that is a HUGE help not only to you but to your consultant as well. Before you go in looking for a dress, do your research and know at least some of what you want. I had been eying a few dresses from her website and had those in mind to try on. I was however really surprised and disappointed that the dresses they had in specifically for the trunk show were a size 6. For real? I mean come on now. To me it seems like a bigger size would be better for the one and only sample. Smaller girls can be "clipped" into the dress bigger girls are just out of luck. So a number of the dresses I would have liked to try on I couldn't. You see, I am NO size 6 or ever close to a size six. I've got curves baby! lol

I think I tried on a total of like 6 or 7 dresses. Not too many in my opinion. The first one I tried on is ultimately the one I bought. I wasn't too sure about it at first I mean I liked it but I just wasn't head over heels for it. However, I liked it enough to keep in the "try again" pile. I tried on the other dresses and found one that I really loved and even though it was "the one" at first. But I still had the first dress to try on again. After I put it on for the second time and went out to the big mirrors I fell in love. It was wayyy more flattering than the other dress was. The longer I had it on the more I loved it and the more I didn't want to take it off! lol It has everything I've ever wanted in a wedding dress; all over lace, embroidery, beading, crystals and a corset back. It's a strapless dress which I had originally wanted to stay away from but after trying on a number of neckline styles, strapless looked the best on me.

Here's the description of my dress from the website: "One-piece, strapless semi-fitted A-line corset back gown. Romantic lace over satin gown featuring a gentle side pleated detailing. The skirt lace overlay falls in a delicate circular shape providing fullness at the hem." Let me tell you, that description doesn't begin to do it justice! The color is called Ivory/Pewter (which looked better with my skin tone than white). The Pewter color is found on the detailed embroidery and is a silver metallic thread. Here are two teaser pictures of my dress. The first one shows the all over lace detail and the second shows the beading work and embroidery. I don't think they'll give away too much if my Mr. happens upon this blog. You'll have to wait for the full pictures till after the wedding! :)
(Source: yours truly)

Sorry the pics are a bit on the poor quality side, I was in a rush to take them. Click on the pics above for a larger image.

Did you find the dress of your dreams the first time you went to try dresses on or did it take several times before you found "the one"?

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