Thursday, February 25, 2010

Something Old, New and Borrowed

I've already shared my "Something Blue" with you and today I'll share my something old, new and borrowed.

My something old is something that I wore when I was a baby. A dear friend of my Gram's (grandmother) made me a bonnet out of a lace hanky. I never knew about this until after I got engaged and mom pulled it out of the closet. Inside the ziplock bag it was in was a hand written note from Phyllis Anderson (my Gram's friend). This is what it says....

"I'm just a little hanky as square as I can be. But with a stitch or tow, they made a bonnet out of me. I'll be worn home from the hospital, or on a special day. Then I'll be washed and pressed and neatly tucked away. Then on her wedding day as we've always been told. Each well-dressed bride must have that something old. What would be more fitting, than to find little old me. Snip a few stitches and a wedding hanky I will be. If by chance it is a boy, someday he'll surely wed. So to his bride he can present the hanky once worn on his head."

Now is that an incredible tradition or what!? When I read the card for the first time, tears started to well in my eyes. I'm so thankful to have such a special thing to carry with me on my wedding day. My plan is to attach it to my bouquet so it is with me all day long. And I know it will mean so much to my Gram that I will have it with me! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to quickly find a picture of me with the bonnet on when I was little. So I had to improvise and put it on a baby dolls head. lol
(Source: yours truly)

And this is what it looked like after the stitches were taken out and it was pressed.
(Source: yours truly)

As for the something new, there I countless things that could fall into this category; my dress, shoes, veil, jewelry, etc. For something borrowed, I have no idea what this will be. I guess I won't know until the wedding day when I need to borrow something! lol

Do you have any cool traditions or keepsakes that you'll be using for your something old, new, borrowed and blue?

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  1. I had a bonnet with the same poem on it! After snipping those threads, it became such a beautiful hanky. I couldn't see myself carrying around a handkerchief, so I pinned it to the crinoline skirt I wore under my dress :) It's such a sweet tradition!