Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wedding Day Makeup

I'll be doing my own makeup for the wedding. It's just a very unnecessary cost in my opinion to have a make-up artist do your makeup. Plus, I've been doing my makeup for years and I know what I like and what I think looks best on me. Before our engagement photography session, I played around with my makeup to see what I'd want to do for pictures and then for the wedding day as well. This is the look I came up with (obviously, my hair will not be pulled back for the wedding! lol).....

(Source: yours truly)

I'm planning on sticking with this look for the wedding as well. It's very similar to what I do on a daily basis when I wear make-up but is a little heavier; which it needs to be for photographs. What do you think?


  1. I think it looks great, you can definitely tell the difference between your engagement shoot and practice session that it is a little heavier but it will most likely stay on longer and look fabulous in your wedding photos. I don't know if you have any troubles with Makeup not wanting to stay on long enough but I have found that using my moisturizer and then immediately applying my make up helps it last a little longer.

  2. I think you look lovely on that make up! I bet you'll look even better on your wedding day! It's a good thing you can do your own make up. Thank you for sharing this and congratulations on your wedding!