Tuesday, February 2, 2010

For a Breeze on a Hot Spring Day

Just in case May 1st is rather warm, I decided to purchase some fans the ladies could use. When my brother got married back on April 18th, it was nearly 80 degrees and I'm sure all the ladies could have used a fan to help keep a breeze going! I was able to find the fans on sale in The Knot's Wedding Shop for less than $1.00 a piece! I only bought 50 so not every woman will get them but I'm ok with that, not everyone would want one (at least I don't think so). Plus, until May 1st gets here, we won't know if they'll even be used. Anyways, here they are....

(Source: yours truly)(Source: yours truly)

The boxes the fans were placed in individually were covered in black marks when I got them and had a huge bar-code printed on them. I decided to tie some purple ribbon around each fan so I can trash the boxes. I have a white willow basket that I'm going to use to put them in for the wedding. At $0.89 a piece, this was a great deal! If you're thinking about getting some sandalwood fans like these, The Knot Wedding Shop has them on sale again right now so go check it out!


  1. Great idea! I was debating over these myself. We are getting married outdoors in September...in Florida, it may be a tad bit around 90! I love the idea to place a ribbon around them I think it makes them look really chic. Great job :)

  2. Those are the -exact- same fans we used as favors for our wedding!

  3. Hey Kristal,

    Did you have any fans left over that you may want to sell?