Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This way to the wedding....

So a long while back, I completed our "this way to the wedding" signs! Here's how they turned out:
(Source: yours truly)

The large signs will be hung with purple ribbon from trees and the small signs will be hung with purple ribbon from small shepard hooks. Our guests will be parking in a field and have to navigate through some gardens and such.

I purchased the large wood plaques from Michael's and the small ones from Wal-mart. I bought some Krylon Satin finish Ivory spray paint (their satin finish paint is amazing!) and used that for the base color. I goofed big time on the large plaques and didn't sand them before I painted. So if you decide to take on this project make sure you sand before you paint! The use of a primer would have been helpful too but I made it work without it.

I then used some purple acrylic paint and brushed that on to the edges (not needed but I wanted to). Then took some eye hooks and screwed them in the top of each sign. For the lettering, I printed out the wording on my computer using the font of my choice. Using a standard pencil, turn the printed page over and "color" with the pencil over the entire printed area. Then turn the page right side up and line it up in the correct placing on your plaque. Use some tape to hold it in place if you need to. Using a ballpoint pen, trace the outline of each letter pressing firmly so the pencil transfers the outline onto the wood. Once done, I used an ultra fine sharpie to trace the pencil outline that was left on the wood. Then, I used a fine tip sharpie to color in each letter.

The lettering for the small signs were rub on letters. I ran out of enough letters of the thin font and had to use a different font (wasn't happy about that). If I had to to do over again, I wouldn't have used them. I would have stuck with the first method. But oh well. I am still pleased with how they turned out. What do you think of them?


  1. So cute and cannot wait to see them with the purple ribbon!

  2. I can't wait for an excuse to try making these myself! They are gorgeous!