Friday, August 28, 2009

Thank You Louise!!

This post goes out to Louise (The Thirty Something Bride) with a big huge THANK YOU!

Your suggestion to sell my "mistake" stamps on eBay worked! I never would have even thought to sell them on eBay but your suggestion made me look into the option.

Well, I sold all 4 unopened rolls of stamps I had and only came out $20 short. Which isn't too bad I suppose. Bottom line, I got rid of those ugly flag stamps and was able to get the King & Queen of Hearts stamps instead!

We may end up having to use 2 stamps per invitation and if so, we'll be able to use both the King and the Queen. (As pictured above.) And I think that it would be really cute! So anyways, thank you so much Louise for the suggestion, you're a lifesaver! :D

And for those that pray, I'm still without a job so keep me in your prayers!

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