Monday, August 10, 2009

Bridal Show and the big 3-0!

Sunday my mom and I attended the Knoxville Premier Bride Bridal show and had a blast! We got to sit in a 1958 Silver Cloud Rolls-Royce and it was amazing! I felt like royalty! It is one of only 25 that were ever made. It would be a dream to drive away a married couple in that fabulous beauty!! Here are a few pictures I took of the car:

My beautiful mom with the beautiful Rolls-Royce! (Source: yours truly)
The unmistakable grill of the Rolls-Royce. (Source: yours truly)

We also took advantage of the use of a photo booth free of charge! I swear to you, if I had the budget for it I would soo have a photo booth at our wedding!
My incredible mom and me! (Source: Knoxville Photo Booth)

I also found an incredible company that preserves your bouquet along with lots of other keepsake items. I am definitely going to use this companies services because the results are amazing! Not only do they preserve your bouquet but they also preserve the grooms bout. Plus they can add your cake topper, garter, hairpiece, a copy of your invitation, the grooms tie, and anything else you want preserved. The frames they are placed have a domed cover that prevents everything from being smashed and give it all an overall incredible look! Check out their website to see their amazing work!
(Source: Flowers Forever)

During the David's Bridal fashion show that was held at the bridal show, mom and I saw a dress that caught our attention. It was a stunning silver dress that we both just LOVED for my mom. We're planning on making a trip to David's on Friday so she can try the dress on so more on that later.

Ok, now on to the big 3-0! I have finally reached 30 followers!!! I am so excited and can't believe you all find my ramblings interesting enough to follow along! I apologize that there hasn't been much blogging on my part and will try to get back into the swing of things. Honestly, I haven't done much of anything wedding related since I found out I was going to be temporarily laid off. But now that the inital shock of all that has for the most part passed, I'll get with the program. I terribly miss reading all of your lovely blogs. I seriously went through some withdrawl when I had to stop reading. My stupid dial-up interent just will not allow me to keep up with you all. Posting this blog is hard enough! I want to thank you all though for hanging in there with me while I go through this trying time. And as always, those of you who pray keep my job situation in your prayers please!


  1. Bridal shows are so fun! Last one I went to I got 6 month of Modern Bride free! Not bad...maybe I need to go to another one. BTW loves the Rolls!

  2. aww you and your mom are so cute. :)
    i am keeping you in my prayers. hang in there.

  3. I'm a wedding coordinator here in Knoxville, and my brother and I run a Photobooth on the side and we charge significantly less than other Photobooths in our area. We used it at my wedding a few months ago, and everyone had so much fun with it!!! If you are interested, please let me know!

    ABeautifulDayEvents at gmail dot com