Saturday, August 15, 2009

She's One Hot Momma!

Yesterday my mom and I went dress shopping for her mother of the bride dress. I haven't written about this in detail yet but my mom and brother will be walking me down the aisle (more about why later). Since she's walking down with me, I requested that she be in a floor length dress. I told her she could pick whatever color she wanted and whatever style. Neither of us understand the frumpy and dowdy mother of the bride dresses that seem to be everywhere. Next to your mother's own wedding day, this is one of the most important days of her life as well as yours, so she should look stunning! I think we managed to find a dress that accomplishes just that!!

Our first stop was to a local bridal store in Knoxville that we heard about at the Bridal Show last Sunday. It's locally owned and operated and the owner Elizabeth and her employees are incredibly sweet and very friendly! If you live around the area please be sure to check out The Gilded Gown! Our main reason for stopping in was because at the Bridal Show they had flower girl dresses advertised at $49! And they also have the tux that we want the guys in for much cheaper than anyone else! While we were there though, mom wanted to look around for dress options for her.

One of the dresses mom tried on is one that I picked out for her to try. It was a halter style chiffon dress and I wasn't sure if it would even work. The results however, blew me away. My mom could go to Hollywood and walk down a red carpet in this dress!! She looks so incredible (she always does but there's something about this dress!). See for yourself....
(Source: yours truly)
(Source: Alfred Angelo)

The sample dress they had was about 2 sizes too small so it wouldn't zip all the way but she still totally ROCKED this dress! All the ladies that worked at the salon ohhed and awwed over mom and this dress! We are 99% sure this is the dress she will end up going with. I just can't say enough how amazing she looked in it! I think she'll stick with the color black too which I really love, it's such a timeless look. The belt has rhinestones on it and the back sweep train of the dress has metallic silver beading detail. One of the best things about this's only $179! And, in November, the store is having a special on bridesmaid dresses and we'll get it for $20 off! So what do you think ladies?

While at The Gilded Gown, I found the most adorable flower girl dresses for our flower girls! I originally thought I wanted our flower girls in white but after seeing this dress I quickly changed my mind.
(Source: Alfred Angelo)

This dress is so adorable and I hope the girls might be able to wear them again too. They are only $99 a piece and the color is lavender. Obviously our girls will not be wearing fairy wings! lol I'm so glad we stopped in and found these beauties and moms stunning dress!

While stuck in traffic I was able to snap this beautiful picture:
(Source: yours truly)