Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So Frustrated!

I am so mad at the Post Office it's not even funny! Back towards the end of March, I bought 500 Forever stamps in an effort to save a little money before the postage rate went up. I got the stamps out yesterday to use one and guess what. The stupid lady that was there the day I went in didn't give me Forever stamps, she gave me $.42 flag stamps! When I realized what she did I about burst into tears. I have had so many things go wrong lately in my life and this was just unbelievable!

I called the post office this morning and spoke with the manager who was sweet but told me there is absolutely nothing she can do. I realize that getting the postage to make up the difference will only cost $10.00 and I know that's not a lot. However, it all ads up....especially when you don't have a job! And not only that but now I have to figure out how in the heck to make up that $.2 difference. It's going to look so tacky to have additional stamps on our wedding invitations and response cards. Not to mention that the response card envelopes are so small that the stamps will practically take up the whole freaking envelope!

I was just on the USPS website to take a look at their makeup stamps. They do have a two cent stamp out however, it's that Navajo necklace and I am not about to put that thing on our invitations! The only stamps I would even consider using are the one cent Tiffany Stamps but that would require two of them per invitation and response card. A total of three stamps! UGH!!!

I'm so frustrated and I just don't know what I'm going to do. My whole plan totally backfired because of some lousy postal service employee. Had I known I was getting $.42 stamps, I would have at least picked out ones that would be more wedding appropriate!

Sorry, I just needed to vent a little. If you for some reason want to buy 500 $.42 stamps from me let me know! haha


  1. You could try selling the stamps on Ebay at face value. Have you asked if you can exchange the stamps for the Forever stamps and pay the difference? Try calling a different post office and speak to someone else to see if they can help you.
    Stuff like this sucks. The Candyman was unemployed for a while and we are finally at a place where we can breathe a little easier - then he had to dump $1600 into his truck last week. I hate that damn car!