Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beautiful Corsages

Before the wedding I simply ran out of time to fill you in on some of the last minute details that came together so I'm going to start catching you up!

My amazing mom who wore so many hats throughout the whole planning process made some beautiful corsages for the special ladies that would be at the wedding.

This beauty was for my Grandmother:
(Source: yours truly)
And this one was for my now mother-in-law:
(Source: yours truly)
And these were made for my now sisters-in-law:
(Source: yours truly)

Unfortunately I never got a picture of the one my mom made for herself however once I'm able to recaps you'll see it. Other corsages were also made for people who were doing us a huge favor by helping in various areas the day of the wedding. Those corsages were simpler featuring only one bloom but were still beautiful! I also found out later that the morning of the wedding my mom made another corsage for someone that had been forgotten!

All of the corsages were made with the same preserved orchid blooms that I used in the reception centerpieces.

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