Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Blog Saved Me!

Today while I was working on the music playlist for the reception....I accidentally deleted it!!! I was trying to delete one song from it and somehow managed to get rid of the whole list! The worst couldn't be undone! I was about to panic and burst into tears. When I suddenly remembered that I had posted about our music selection a long while back. But I couldn't remember if I had listed each song or not. I went to look....and by the Grace of God, I had blogged a list including each song!! I was so thankful and this saved me hours of work! I was able to recreate our list pretty fast. If I hadn't blogged each song, I would have had to rely on my memory to rebuild the list that was over 60 songs long.

The only down side....the over three hours that I spent editing the stopping point for each song today has been lost. I was almost done with that task when the list got deleted. But I'm so thankful that I was able to rebuild the list without any problems thanks to my blog post!


  1. Very lucky! I looked at your song list and saw many of the songs that I myself have chosen for our wedding (I only spent one day on this task so far, mostly trying to find father/daughter, our first dance, etc.). Cool! =)

  2. Oh yea...thank goodness. Yes, that's what I originally started my blog for was to document all of my ideas and plans. :)