Monday, November 23, 2009

Dresses For My Ladies!

I've delayed sharing this because I needed to make some decisions about what dresses I would have my girls pick from. When I started looking into dresses for them, I had some criteria that I wanted to stick by:
1) The color needed to be a deep, yet bright purple.
2) The dresses needed to cost under $150.00.
3) I really wanted to give them multiple dresses to choose from instead of picking one dress and saying this is what you're wearing.
4) I wanted the dresses to be knee length.
5) They needed to be made with chiffon fabric (I love how flow-y it is).

I know, that's a lot right? But I managed to find to find everything I was looking for! May I introduce you to the MoriLee Affairs Collection of dresses. If you haven't every heard of this designer, be sure to check them out because the dresses are just beautiful but still affordable!

Without further delay, here are the dresses that my girls are able to choose from:

And for shoes for my bridesmaids, I'm thinking of something along these lines.
(Source: unknown)

A low fat heel (because they'll be walking on grass). Something kind of strap-y and in a metallic silver color. So what do you think?


  1. Those are all adorable! My dresses are also knee length and chiffon :) And of my 6 bridesmaids, I have 3 different style dresses but they are all by the same designer and very very similar. Your wedding party will look beautiful!

  2. I used to be a bridal consultant, and I've always loved the Mori Lee collection :) That's a great choice!! And with such a fun color and length, they'll be able to wear them again! Love it :)

  3. I love those dresses and considered a few of them for my bridesmaids, since I’m also having a purple wedding. I ended up going with an Alfred Angelo dress in the end, but still love Mori Lee’s designs!

  4. Hi! The dresses are adorable. They can wear them to cocktail parties as well. Have you chosen who your bridesmaid are? I pamper these girls, because they'll be the ones I need during my wedding. What I did for my wedding, was to have different cuts and designs for each of my bridesmaid, but all were wearing the same color. The cuts were made to compliment their shapes. I had them choose their own design via my website. You can create your own website, I registered at and I had them vote which one they like. The website was great as well, I had other poll surveys for the guests such as the food and drinks and a lot of other stuff. Good luck on your wedding!