Friday, November 6, 2009

A Cake Fit for a President

My man will be getting nothing short of the best for his cake! Several months ago, my mom found the White House recipe for Carrot Cake in a magazine. Since Carrot Cake is Charles's favorite kind of cake that's what he'll be getting! I'm hoping to surprise him with the cakes theme, so I hope he doesn't see this post!

Charles is a dispatcher for one of the local police departments and loves all things related to first responders. But especially cops. I'm thankful he isn't one will make my job as a wife a lot easier and less worry ridden! He has such a gift for what he does. Talking to and calming mothers whose child is choking, talking people out of suicide, and taking calls you wouldn't imagine. I truly believe the Lord has him where He wants him to be! Anyways, because of this love I went in search of the perfect cake and this is what I found...

(Source: unknown)

Unfortunately, I don't remember where I stumbled upon these images. But they are perfect and exactly what I was looking for! Mom and I will be tackling his cake ourselves as it shouldn't be too hard. So, what do you think? Are you planning to surprise your man with a themed grooms cake?


  1. Well, your cake gave me a great idea! His mom (who passed away last Nov.) would always make carrot cake for everyone's bday. So I would love to make his grooms cake a carrot cake. Don't know what design yet, but if you could post the recipe that your mom found, that would be great!

  2. We won't be doing a groom's cake but we may have one layer of our wedding cake as a carrot cake :) That's a great idea you found....personal and creative. Nice job!