Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Charles and I worked hard on these puppies and had a lot of fun creating them together! Our rehearsal dinner will be very will be a cookout!! So fun and we love hosting them at his house. Can't wait until we are hosting one at our house! :) The rehearsal dinner will be held at the bed and breakfast we are getting married at and having the reception at. The cookout theme was a combined idea from him and his mom. It will be fun, low key and easy on the pocket book. Just what we wanted. Here are the post card invitations/notifications we made to send to the wedding party and invited guests....


  1. We're doing a BBQ for our rehearsal dinner, too!

  2. That sounds perfect :) I want a low key rehearsal dinner too. Let the emphasis be on the wedding itself :) Only 6 days to go, wow, good luck!