Monday, March 1, 2010


Two months to go until the wedding!!!!! And let me tell you, I can't believe it! I will try and continue to get some posts up for you all but be patient with me. I have LOTS done already but I swear every time I cross something off the to-do list, there are four more things to add to it! ughhh On top of all the wedding planning, Charles and I are getting ready to begin the task of painting every room in the house. It needs it soo badly and will make the place look so much better when we're done. Hopefully we can get it all finished before it's time for me to move all my things into his house!

And today, all of the invitations went out in the mail! I'm so glad they are done and now going out to all our guests! Here are all 168 invitations ready to just before I mailed them! :D

(Source: yours truly)


  1. I'm so excited and happy for the both you! I hope the both of you enjoy this very special moment in your lives! I'm sure that you are excited!

  2. Wow less than two months... you are so close! Good luck on everything, can't wait to see how it turns out! :)