Sunday, September 27, 2009

Some Bling for My Man!

So a few weeks ago I stopped in at a local jeweler that I'd heard about from my brother and his wife. Back in March/April they had bought their rings from Max Richardson Jewelry and raved about them, their service and their prices. My goal in stopping in was to see if they carried a ring similar to the one Charles found on a few months ago. If you remember, back in June I posted about the ring he found on their site.

The that I don't have a job, it was a little pricey. However I wanted him to have exactly what he wanted. He did after all, get me what I wanted! So in I went not expecting much. Low and behold, they were able to order the EXACT same ring for me! And it was nearly $100 cheaper, Praise the Lord! I ordered it right then and there and it was in the next morning. Charles and I went to look at it and he absolutely loved it! End of story. Now I have Charles' ring taken care of!

(Source: yours truly)
Our rings together! (Source: yours truly)

So what do you think? I know you're all still waiting to see our engagement pictures and believe me, I am dying to show them to you! Hopefully I can get to some wi-fi on Tuesday or Wednesday so I can share them with you. I also have a lot more to share with you....projects I've been working on, a fabulous and simple punch recipe, and so much more so keep checking back!

I feel so guilty that I can't keep up with all of your blogs anymore. I miss knowing how your planning is going and how your weddings went and seeing all the beautiful pictures. But with my dial-up it is nearly impossible to. :( Maybe soon I'll be able to catch up somehow. Until then know I'm thinking about you all! <3

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