Friday, October 7, 2011

Pinterest Pick of the Week!

So since I'm still in Fall Decoration mode here is another great idea I found on Pinterest that is cheap and easy!
(Source: Eating My Candy)

I decided to give this a shot myself so here's my version!

(Source: Yours truly)

I only have one right now but I'm hoping to make a few more soon! I love how it turned out! I applied the paint extra thick so it really enhanced the wood grain and gave it the look of a real pumpkin.

For the stem I used a piece of wood that I hammered over a nail. To achieve this, use a small drill bit to make a hole in the top of the wood and insert the nail upside down so the point is facing up. Next use some glue to hold the nail in place, once dry hammer your stem onto the nail point. The curly-q's were made using floral wire that I twisted around a pen to get it's shape!

Hope you like this idea it's easy, fun and cheap!

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