Sunday, October 25, 2009


So last week I was FINALLY able to get our save-the-date e-mails out! As you may remember, I had thought about sending them out months ago before we got our engagement pictures. I'm SO glad that I waited and I'm so glad they're finally sent. It was sooo easy to do them as e-mails! I highly recommend this option....cause it's FREE! Most everyone these days has an e-mail account so you're still able to reach everyone.
Here is what I designed....
(Source: yours truly)

So I think I owe you all a few updates....
1.) I am still unemployed. The job search has been nothing short of frustrating, disappointing and hard.
2.) Two good things have come out of being unemployed...I have been able to spend more time with Charles and I have been able to work on my stained glass (yes, I'm a stained glass artist!) more. To see my work check out Kristal Kreations on Facebook and become a fan!
3.) I still do not have regular access to hi-speed internet.
4.) I miss all of your blogs terribly, you have no idea!! I try and check in when I can but my dial-up just takes AGES and won't allow me to comment or anything!
5.) Even though I have tons of wedding projects and decisions taken care of, it still seems like I have an overwhelming about of things left to do! lol
6.) I feel bad that I have not been able to blog often.
7.) I promise to get better about posting more regularly!

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